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  Agent Joe Thomas answers your questions about
automobile and homeowners insurance.
Florida Agent # A263742

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance

  • What’s the first step in pursuing a wind inspection to identify how you can strengthen your home or determine if you are eligible for discounts on your wind insurance?

  • How Can I save money on my home insurance?   Call: Jupiter Joe 561-743-0999

  • Shopping for home insurance?
    Home Insurance Buyers Guide

Health Insurance

  • What is short-term disability?

  • Florida Access to Affordable Quality Health Care:

  • How Can I save money on my health insurance?  Call: Jupiter Joe 561-743-0999

Life Insurance

  • How to find the policy that is right for you and your family.
    10 Tips for buying life insurance

  • How Can I save money on my life insurance? Call: Jupiter Joe 561-743-0999

*Disclosure: It is not our purpose to provide insurance, tax and or legal advice, and you should always consult with your CPA, Attorney, Financial Advisor, Insurance agent and or Family members as this information relates to your specific situation or needs. This information has been presented in a very General manor for illustrative & advertising purposes only, and your specific situation should be analyzed in detail with a professional Advisor, insurance agent and or legal/accounting professional.

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